Configure Your Cloud Provider#

You can run Coiled on from your own AWS or GCP account. This allows you to make use of security/data access controls, compliance standards, and promotional credits that you already have in place.

Use Coiled with AWS

Use Coiled with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Use Coiled with GCP

Use Coiled with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Coiled is only responsible for provisioning resources for clusters you create. Once a Dask cluster is created, all computations, data transfer, and client-to-scheduler communication occurs entirely within your cloud provider account.


Need a cloud provider account?#

Coiled creates and manages Dask clusters in your own cloud provider account. We support Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud (GCP). There’s no cost for having an account and both have free-tier offerings for many services, though you’ll pay for the resources you use when you create Dask clusters.

If you’re not ready to create your own cloud provider account, but would still like to try Coiled, we can set you up with a trial on our account. Reach out to us at with a brief note about how you’re using Dask.

If you would like to learn more about how to use Dask, Coiled offers a video tutorial. If you’re not sure deploying Dask on the cloud is the right solution for you, see the Dask documentation on other options for deploying Dask clusters.

How do I choose?#

Coiled offers the same (or equivalent) features on both AWS and Google Cloud, and both cloud providers offer fairly similar features at fairly similar costs.

If you already have data (or plans to store data) in Amazon’s S3 service (or some other AWS service), we recommend using AWS for Coiled.

If you already have data (or plans to store data) in Google’s BigQuery service or some other GCP service, we recommend using Google Cloud for Coiled.

If you’re starting from scratch, either should work well! AWS is more mature and has data centers in more locations across the world. More people are familiar with AWS, but many people think that Google Cloud has a more developer-friendly user experience.

Will this be expensive?#

The cost from your cloud provider to run a cluster with 200 cores for a hour (100 t3.medium instances on AWS or e2-standard-2 instances on Google Cloud) is about $5. You can use Coiled for up to 10,000 CPU-hours per month with no additional cost.

Cloud providers charge you to store and transmit data; you can reduce this cost by keeping your data with a single cloud provider and in the same region as your cluster.

Very large instances types and GPUs can quickly increase the cost per hour, but they can also bring down your total cost by letting you process large workloads in much less time.

As always, we’re happy to chat about your specific needs. Feel free to reach out to us at