GCP Backend

You can have Coiled launch computations on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Your computations will run inside Coiled’s Google Cloud account, this makes it easy for you to get started quickly, without needing to set up any additional infrastructure.



GCP support is currently experimental with new features under active development.


In addition to the usual cluster logs, our current GCP backend support also includes system-level logs. This provides rich insight into any potential issues while GCP support is still experimental.

Switching Coiled to run on GCP

To use Coiled on GCP select “GCP” in the “Cloud Backend Options” section of the Account page of your Coiled account.


GCP support is currently only available in the us-east1 region. If you have data in a different region on Google Cloud, you may be charged transfer fees.

GPU support

This backend allows you to run computations with GPU-enabled machines if your account has access to GPUs. See the GPU best practices documentation for more information on using GPUs with this backend.

Workers currently have access to a single GPU, if you try to create a cluster with more than one GPU, the cluster will not start, and an error will be returned to you.