TLS expects a ssl_context error#

TLS errors might show up when a Client attempts to connect to a scheduler that’s using TLS but doesn’t pass the required TLS information. Occasionally, you might see this error if there are any version mismatches between your local Dask version and the Dask version installed on Coiled’s software environment.

TypeError: TLS expects a `ssl_context` argument of type ssl.SSLContext (perhaps check your TLS configuration?)  Instead got None

Check your versions#

The first step in trying to debug why you have seen this error, is to confirm that you are running the same version locally and on Coiled. If you are using conda to manage your environment, you can run the command coiled install <account>/<software environment name> in your terminal to create a new conda environment with the same dependencies and versions as the ones installed on Coiled.

If you want to check the version of your local dependencies quickly, you can run the following command on your ipython session:

import coiled


If you see a version mismatch between Dask and Distributed, it’s a good idea to update your local versions as well. You can do this by running the command pip install dask distributed --upgrade if you are using pip or by running the command conda update dask distributed if you are using conda.

Check the logs#

It’s always good to look at the scheduler and worker logs to see if we can gather any useful information. If you see a failure to deserialize a task, this might give you some idea as to why you got that final TLS error.

Check your code#

If the issue wasn’t a version mismatch and the log don’t show any useful information. It’s time to look at your code to see if something might be causing Dask to throw this TLS error. A common occurrence is when we call .compute() inside a .map_partitions(), it might be worth checking if your code might be doing this.

Note that even if calling compute inside a map partitions isn’t causing the error, this practice is discouraged as the code will run slow. There might be different ways to do the computation that could be more performant.

Reach out for help#

If you are still having issues with this TLS error and you need help, please reach out to us by opening a support ticket or by joining our community on slack we are always happy to help.