Selecting GPU Types#

Coiled supports running computations with GPU-enabled machines in all the supported cloud providers, please refer to the GPUs documentation for more information.

In AWS, the GPU selection is tied to the instance type that you request. For example, in AWS if you select the instance type g4dn.xlarge, this instance type contains an Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU.

The cloud provider that works a bit differently is the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). In GCP, you can attach different GPUs to n1 instances.

The rest of the article will assume that you are using the GCP cloud provider for your account.

You can select the GPU type by using the worker_gpu_type keyword argument in the coiled.Cluster() constructor. For example:

import coiled

cluster = coiled.Cluster(
    worker_gpu_type="nvidia-tesla-t4", worker_vm_types=["n1-standard-2"]