Release Notes


Released on October 9, 2020.

  • Fix AWS credentials error when running in Coiled notebooks


Released on October 8, 2020.

  • Handle AWS STS session credentials

  • Fix coiled depending on older aiobotocore

  • Only use proxied dashboard address in Jobs

  • Improve invalid fargate resources error message

  • Mention team accounts

  • Support AWS credentials to launch resources on other AWS accounts

  • Update FAQ with a note on notebooks and Azure support

  • Add GPU docs

  • Add jupyterlab example

  • Add community page

  • Add tabbed code snippets to doc landing page

  • Ensure job configuration description and software envs are updated


Released on September 22, 2020.

  • Handle redirecting from to

  • Add Prefect example

  • Update dashboards to go through our proxy

  • Add descriptions to notebooks

  • Update cluster documentation

  • Add Optuna example


Released on September 16, 2020.

  • Support overriding cluster configuration settings in coiled.Cluster

  • Don’t require region on cluster creation

  • Add links to OSS licenses

  • Add ability to upload files

  • Add access token for private repos


Released on September 4, 2020.

  • Fixed bug where specifying name in a conda spec would cause clusters to not be launched

  • Open external links in a separate browser tab in the docs

  • Explicitly set the number of worker threads to the number of CPUs requested if not otherwise specified

  • Improvements to Coiled login behavior

  • Update to using coiled/default as our default base image for software environments

  • Several documentation updates


Released on August 27, 2020.

  • Add AWS multi-region support

  • Log informative message when rebuilding a software environment Docker image

  • Remove link to Getting Started guide from coiled login output

  • Update distributed version pinning

  • Add support for running non-Dask code through Coiled Jobs

  • Several documentation updates


  • Add logs to web UI

  • Verify worker count during cluster creation

  • Raise more informative error when a solve conda spec is not available

  • Improve docker caching when building environments


  • Allow ‘target’ conda env in creating software environment (#664)

  • Start EC2 instances in the right subnets (#689)


  • Added support for installing pip packages with coiled install

  • Support Python 3.8 on Windows with explicit ProactorEventLoop

  • Updated default coiled.Cluster configuration to use the current Python version

  • Updated dependencies to include more flexible version checking in distributed

  • Don’t scale clusters that we’re re-connecting to

  • Added support for using custom worker and scheduler classes


Released August 8, 2020.

  • Add --token option to coiled login

  • Add post_build= option to coiled.create_software_environment

  • Add back support for Python 3.6

  • Remove extra newline from websocket output

  • Remove coiled upload from public API

  • Add coiled env CLI command group

  • Several documentation updates


Released July 31, 2020.

  • Move documentation page to

  • Added --version flag to coiled CLI

  • Raise an informative error when using an outdated version of the coiled Python API

  • Several documentation updates

  • Added coiled.Cluster.get_logs method

  • Added top-level coiled.config attribute

  • Use fully qualified coiled.Cluster name in the cluster interactive IPython repr


Released July 27, 2020.

  • Added getting started video to docs.

  • Added support GPU enabled workers.

  • Added new documentation page on configuring JupyterLab.

  • Added support for specifying pip, conda, and/or container inputs when creating software environments.

  • Remove account argument from coiled.delete_software_environment.

  • Added cost and feedback FAQs.


Released July 22, 2020.

  • Removed “cloud” namespace in configuration values.

  • Several documentation updates.

  • Added new security and privacy page to the docs.

  • Added coiled upload command for creating a Coiled software environment from a local conda environment.

  • Added tests for command line tools.


Released July 17, 2020.


Released July 16, 2020.

  • Update “Getting Started” documentation page.

  • Update coiled.create_software_environment to use name provided by conda= input, if provided.

  • Send AWS credentials when making a Cluster object.


Released July 14, 2020.

  • Switch to using full coiled Python namespace and rename CoiledCluster to coiled.Cluster

  • Raise informative error when attempting to create a cluster with a non-existent cluster configuration

  • Bump supported aiobotocore version to aiobotocore>=1.0.7

  • Add coiled install command to create conda software environments locally

  • Repeated calls to Cloud.create_cluster_configuration will now update an existing configuration


Released July 9, 2020.

  • Don’t shut down clusters if we didn’t create them

  • Slim down the outputs of list_software_environments and list_cluster_configurations


Released July 8, 2020.

  • Use websockets to create clusters due to long-running requests

  • Avoid excess endlines when printing out status in the CLI

  • Allow calling coiled env create repeatedly on the same environment


Released July 7, 2020.

  • Change default to coiled/default

  • Add coiled login CLI command

  • Use account namespaces everywhere, remove account= keyword

  • Allow the use of public environments and configurations


Released on July 1, 2020.

  • Update to use new API endpoint scheme

  • Adds conda env create command line interface


Released on June 29, 2020.

  • Adds Cloud.create_software_environment, Cloud.delete_software_environment, and Cloud.list_software_environments methods

  • Adds Cloud.create_cluster_configuration, Cloud.delete_cluster_configuration, and Cloud.list_cluster_configurations methods

  • Update Cloud object to use a token rather than a password

  • Changed name of package from coiled_cloud to coiled


Released on May 26, 2020.

  • Includes requirements.txt in


Released on May 26, 2020.

  • Includes versioneer in


Released on May 26, 2020.

  • Adds LICENSE to project


Released on May 21, 2020.


  • Renamed Cluster to CoiledCluster