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What is Coiled?

Coiled provides cluster-as-a-service functionality to provision hosted Dask clusters on demand. It takes the DevOps out of data science and enables data engineers and data scientists to spend more time on their real job and less time setting up networking, managing fleets of Docker images, creating AWS IAM roles, etc.

Hosted Dask Clusters

Securely deploy Dask clusters from anywhere you run Python.

Software Environments

Build, manage, and share conda, pip, and Docker environments. Use them locally or in the cloud.

Manage Teams & Costs

Manage teams, collaborate, set resource limits, and track costs.

Coiled at a glance

Coiled manages Dask clusters and everything you need to scale Python in the cloud robustly and easily. Learn more in the Dask clusters docs.

# Launch a cluster with Coiled
import coiled

cluster = coiled.Cluster(
    worker_memory="16 GiB",

# Connect Dask to your cluster
from dask.distributed import Client

client = Client(cluster)

Coiled helps you manage software environments by building Docker images from pip and conda environment files for you. Learn more in the software environment docs.

# Create a custom "ml-env" software environment
# with the packages you want
import coiled

    conda=["dask", "scikit-learn", "xgboost"],

# Create a Dask cluster which uses your "ml-env"
# software environment
cluster = coiled.Cluster(software="ml-env")

Beta Signup

Coiled is currently in beta and welcoming early users! During this beta period Coiled is free for all beta users. If you would like to join the beta, please sign up.

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