Manage Costs#

When considering pricing we need to consider three costs:

  1. Cloud charges

  2. Coiled charges

  3. Your time

This document covers all three, and this section gives tips on reducing costs overall.

Cloud Charges#

Coiled runs in your cloud account, so you still need to pay your cloud directly. Hopefully, Coiled features can help you better understand and reduce these costs. See the following documents:

These can provide significant savings. For example while one CPU-hour costs about $0.05 on major cloud providers, it can be reduced by about 60% by using spot or preemptible instances, by about 20-30% by using ARM, and infinitely by avoiding idle workers or wasted work.

Coiled Charges#

Most people don’t pay for Coiled. Coiled’s charges nothing for the first 10,000 CPU-hours each month. If you process data at 100 MB/s, a modest performance for data processing workloads, then this equates to about 3PB per month.

10,000 CPU-hours at $0.05 per CPU-hour is about $500. So if your cloud bill is below that then it’s likely that you won’t pay Coiled anything.

Past that, Coiled nominally charges an additional $0.05 per CPU-hour to manage your cloud. There are a few ways you can pay for usage:

  • Credit card. Connect your credit card to your account from the billing tab.

  • AWS Marketplace. If you have AWS credits you’d like to use up, this could be a good option.

  • Purchase order. Most users with non-trivial usage negotiate a lower rate by committing to a certain level of usage. We encourage you to contact us to learn more.

Your Time#

Invariably, the most expensive part of cloud computing is your time. Personnel often take up the most of any budget today. We hope that Coiled makes it easier for you to do your job and so move forward faster while burning less money.

This is discussed in greater depth in Build vs Buy.