Coiled Cloud Release Notes

These release notes are related to updates for

13 October 2021


  • Environment variables sent to the Cluster with the keyword argument environ= are now being converted to strings, which fixes occasional failures when sending non-string values to the Cluster.


  • You can now use Coiled in your own GCP account. Please refer to the GCP Backend documentation.

  • You can now use Coiled in your own Azure account. Please refer to the Azure Backend documentation.

  • You can now select a region or zone when launching clusters in GCP.

  • You can now create software environments using Docker images stored in your private ECR (AWS), ACR (Azure) or GAR (GCP) container registries, in addition to Docker Hub and other registries, by calling coiled.create_software_environment(container="<URI>").

  • Coiled now collects statistical profiling data from your Dask clusters. This data is visualized as a flame graph on the Analytics page for individual clusters.

  • You can now hide/show columns in the Clusters Dashboard. The options are: Id, Cluster Name, Created By, Status, Num Workers, Software Environment, Cost (current), Cost(total), Last Seen, Backend, Runtime, Spot/Preemptible.

  • Improve log filtering for AWS when viewing logs in the Coiled UI.


  • Added a new example on using the Dask Snowflake connector.

  • Fix link to Coiled’s privacy policy in the Security & Privacy page.

  • Added new section in the GPUs documentation to demonstrate the use how of GPUs with the Afar library to run remote commands.

28 September 2021


  • Resolve error that was throwing an “Unable to stop cluster” error message in the Clusters Dashboard for users using the Azure backend.

  • Fix issue with workers not being created when users create a new Cluster using the AWS backend.

  • Resolve error that was causing Clusters to shut down immediately upon creation for users using the AWS backend.

  • Fix issue that was causing the Cluster Dashboard table to show zero workers count even though the workers were created and connected to the scheduler.


  • Add label containing the instance name to notification when running coiled.get_notifications().


  • Fix typo in CLI command, documentation mentioned coiled inspect but the right command is coiled env inspect.

  • Update Teams page to better explain the distinction between Accounts and Teams.