Automatic Setup#

Coiled on Azure is currently in public beta. Please contact if you have any questions or problems.

In this guide you will configure Coiled to run Dask computations entirely within your own Azure account using the coiled setup azure command-line tool.

Before you start#

This guide relies on using the az CLI. If you do not already have the az CLI installed, you can follow these instructions from the Azure documentation.

Setting up Coiled#

You can use the coiled setup azure CLI tool to connect Coiled to your Azure account:

coiled setup azure

With your permission, this command will create the service principal Coiled needs with permissions for a specified Azure resource group so you can create clusters in your Azure subscription.

You will be prompted with an explanation of what exactly we’ll do before we do anything in your account.

If you’d like to ensure that Coiled doesn’t have access to any existing resources, it’s easy to create a new Azure resource group and select that when setting up Coiled. All the permissions we need are automatically scoped to the selected resource group.


Especially if you are using a new Azure subscription, you may encounter quota errors when trying to make Coiled clusters, such as (OperationNotAllowed) Operation could not be completed as it results in exceeding approved standardDv5Family Cores quota. The error message should include a link to request an increase to the relevant quota.

coiled setup azure#

coiled setup azure [OPTIONS]



Instead of using a service principal to grant long-term access to your Azure account, this will ship (and refresh) temporary OAuth tokens so that Coiled can operate in your Azure account as you. Not recommended for long-term Coiled use, but can be helpful if you don’t want to (or can’t) create a service principal for Coiled to use.

--iam-user <iam_user>#

Name of enterprise application/service principal to create. By default, we’ll use coiled-<coiled workspace slug>-app.

--account, --workspace <account>#

Coiled workspace (uses default workspace if not specified). Note: --account is deprecated, please use --workspace instead.

--region <region>#

Default region for Coiled to use.

--resource-group <resource_group>#

Azure resource group to use. Note that all permissions are scoped to the resource group.(You’ll be prompted with options not specified and more than one resource group is found).

--subscription <subscription>#

Azure subscription to use, specified by ID. (You’ll be prompted with options not specified and more than one subscription is found).