Tracking AWS resources

When using Coiled in your AWS account, you might want to know if Coiled created a resource. Most of the resources that Coiled creates in your AWS account will be tagged. You can search for Coiled-related tags using the AWS Resource Groups Tag Editor

If you use the AWS resource groups tag editor, make sure you select “All supported resource types” from the Resource types dropdown. This tool will search for all the resources that share the same tag key.

You can use Name as tag and type coiled in the value input to get a list of all resources that have Coiled in their tags.


Alternatively, you can use boto3 (the AWS SDK for Python) to search for a list of resources that were created by Coiled. See the Boto3 documentation on the ResourceGroupsTaggingAPI.

import boto3

client = boto3.client("resourcegroupstaggingapi")
response = client.get_resources(
        {"Key": "owner", "Values": ["coiled"]},
            "Key": "Name",
            "Values": [

If you get an empty list, you might need to use fewer tags on each request to get_resources.